Religious Studies at CERES

The Center for Religious Studies (CERES) follows the prevalent understanding of the discipline Religious Studies as non-theological. However, at CERES it is practised from a strong interdisciplinary perspective, to which a range of disciplines contributes, each with its respective expertise, theories, and methods. This includes History, Philology, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Art History, Political Science, Economics, and more. All of these help expand our knowledge and understanding of religion as a social fact. Accordingly, researchers at CERES have very different disciplinary backgrounds, and the MA program of CERES warmly invites graduate students from various disciplines to apply.

RUBChecks on Religious Studies

If like to get to know more, please check out the RUBChecks website for more information including prior knowledge, contents, structure, and workload. The site has especially designed for international applicants.