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Application Process

In order to apply, please email a letter of interest to our student advisory board. Please attach scans of all relevant documents and certificates (most importantly: BA degree certificate or higher).

Based upon your application documents our student advisory board either:

  • grants you admission without requirements,
  • grants you admission with further requirements,
  • does not grant you admission, but advises you how to proceed to meet the requirements.

All German and EU students who have been granted unrestricted or restricted admission can enroll in the program. The student advisory board assists you with enrollment (German: Immatrikulation) and provides you with more information about this process. There are further regulations for applicants from Non-EU countries.

Application for Students from Non-EU Countries

Non-EU students who have been granted unrestricted or restricted admission need to obtain a student visa for Germany. Please apply for a student visa with the admission documents granted by CERES’s student advisory board and the Ruhr Universität administration at the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

Do not get a tourist visa!

A tourist visa does not grant you access to universities in Germany. Please be advised that each applicant for a student visa must prove sufficient income/stipend to cover all costs.

Students from EU countries do not have to provide proof of sufficient financial resources, but have to show their finance credibly to the Citizens' Advice Bureau. This may differ for students from new EU member states.

If you are a student from a non-EU country a proof of finance is required for applying for the student visa at a German embassy.