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Studying during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, studying in winter semester 2020/2021 is under different conditions as it was already in the last summer semester. Presence during courses will only apply for very few occassions. Ruhr-Universität Bochum offers a website, where students can find all information needed for stuying during the pandemic. 

Studying at CERES in Winter Semester 2020/2021


Keep informed at all times: All students enrolled in CERES study programmes are requested to keep up-to-date all times. CERES offers information for students on different channels:

  • Websites: We will inform constantly on our two websites for the CERES study programmes in German ( and in English (
  • Facebook: Please find (German) information on the Facebook site of the CERES Studies Coordination Team
  • Lists: All students may subscribe to the Relwiss-Info-List, which shares the most recent student related information for CERES undergraduates and graduates in German.
  • Offical E-Mail Address: The personal e-mail address given by the Ruhr-Unviersity Bochum to every student and stuff member is used for official announcements by the rectorate and by the CERES Dean of Student. Please ensure that you check your e-mail address regularly.