Internships are temporary positions in a company, public institution or non-governmental organization with a duration between four weeks and six months. For many students, internships are their first experience within the labor market that awaits them after finishing their degree. Most alumni have found their entrance in the job market through internships as part of the MA program. Internships help students to prove themselves in a occupational context, learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and offer contacts and experience from which they may benefit in their post-academic career. Internships often serve as the gateway to permanent job positions.

Internships as part of the MA program in Religious Studies

As part of the elective module Applied Career Track, students of the MA program Religious Studies will do an internship that allows them to work in an occupational context that engages their academic expertise. Within this module, students will find and pursue an internship position within an occupational field of their interest. CERES will assist students in finding an internship position and accompany the internship with preparatory and post-processing courses. As a widely renown institution CERES has contacts to many public institutions and companies. Our internship coordinators will assist you to find an appropriate internship that meets your skills and interests.

How to Proceed:

The module Applied Career Track consists of a preparatory and a post-processing course and the internship itself. It is divided into three phases.

The preparatory course serves to help you in practical questions such as the selection and finding of an appropriate position. Furthermore, the course aims to show how expertise in religious studies may be applied in extra-academic contexts. The post-processing course aims to reflect the experiences gained in the internship.