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Student Counseling

Student Coordination & Counseling

Which modules should I choose? What lectures are mandatory? How can I get access to eCampus to register for classes? We help you with all questions concerning the start of your studies!

Office of the student coordination and counseling
CERES, Ground Floor, Room 0.11

Due to the current pandemic, we refrain from in-person counseling. You can contact us via mail and we hope to support you from home. Stay safe!


Online Counseling

If you seek our help, please read the following information for online counseling sessions beforehand.

In order to successfully participate in an online counseling session, please consider the following aspects:

  1.  Please ask in advance whether a Zoom call is necessary to solve your problem. Many issues can be fixed via mail as well.
  2. In most cases we will need your Transcript of Records before the online meeting. You can download it on eCampus. It is listed under "Übersicht Leistungsnachweise."
    • Pro Tip: If you use Google Chrome, you often face an error that does not allow downloading the ToR. Please click on chrome://settings/content/pdfDocuments and change the settings to "download PDF automatically." After your download change that back again for your computer's security!
    • If it still does not work or you face other issues when trying to download, then send a screenshot of your "Leistungsübersicht" (overview), which you find in eCampus under "Meine Leistungsnachweise". Important note: In order for us to understand what courses and lectures you took and how many credit points (CP) you received, you need to expand the list before taking a screenshot.
  3.  We provide helpful to-do lists on this website which you can find here. Using these lists, you can preorganize your transcript of records prior to meeting with us.
  4. Online counseling session should be done via computer or notebook, so that we can get access to your eCampus via screen sharing. If you start the counseling session via mobile phone / smart phone, we can neither help you assign your CP to the respective modules nor see your Transcript of Records.


Information for assigning credit points to modules:

Since unfortunately you cannot visit us at our office to assign your CP to the modules, we offer online counseling for that too. Please read this beforehand:

  1. Please fill in the to-do list that we provide here. Please send your transcript of records (s. above for how to get access to it) and the completed to-do list to us. Then we will review the modules and assigned CP, check whether you forgot something or if you are missing CP. If you face problems when filling in the to-do lists, try it anyway and send it to us. This allows for a quick overview and makes our work easier!
  2. After sending these documents to us, we will send you an instruction and tipps for assigning CPs to modules on your own. We cannot do that for you because we cannot access your personal eCampus data. We can have a Zoom call after or your can send screenshots to us. We can review them and give your feedback (e.g., in regard to correctness).
  3. Only after having completed assigning your CP to modules, you may contact Dr. Jens Schlamelcher asking him to confirm the process.


Information for students who switched to another examination order (to PO 2016)

All students who switched their examination order to PO 2016 or PO 2018 (only Master's degree) are required to send their Transcript of Records or screenshots thereof to us (s. above). We then create a detailed list with courses that can be transferred and what remains for you to do. Only after our approval, you may transfer your CP to the new PO!


Zoom information: 

Please contact us via mail beforehand!

Link - Students' counsling (Zoom)

ID: 668 6448 0472
PW: Beratung


Office Hours: 

Sarah Rautert & Bernadette Ennemoser: Tuesdays, 10-12am

Michelle Dieren: Mondays, 12:30-14:30pm