image of 200 Euro one-off payment regarding energy costs for students
(© Markus Spiske/Unsplash)

200 Euro one-off payment regarding energy costs for students

Both national and international students are entitled to a one-time payment of 200 Euros from the federal government (Energiepreispauschale/ energy price flat rate). The one-time payment is supposed to help to alleviate the effects of rising energy costs.

The application on is only possible until 30.09.2023. After this deadline, you can no longer make a claim!

If you are eligible and have not yet received an access code, you can only request one from the Registrar's office ( until 15.09.2023.

The application can be made from 15 March 2023 on the website Eligible students have received the necessary application information, including an access code for proof of educational status, via an official e-mail to their RUB e-mail account on 15 March. The personal PIN is available in eCampus.

Register for the application

To apply via the website, it is necessary to set up a BundID.

You can set up the BundID at a so called high or low level of trust (as an international student, please use low level of trust):

More information on our RUB-website at