Photograph of Dr. Sven Wortmann

Dr. Sven Wortmann


Former Research Assistant

Office Hours

Mo 10:30-12 h

Areas of Research

Vedic-Brahmanical Religion, Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Interreligious Perception, Sanskrit and Tamil Teaching

Academic Career


Dissertation Project

Projects/ Collaboration


Public Lectures




Courses taught at the Institute for Indology and Tamil-Studies, University of Cologne

SS 2015        Die Bhakti-Literatur Südindiens

SS 2015        Tamil II

SS 2015        Tamil-Lektüre: U. Ve. Caminataiyar

WS 2014/15   Einführung in die Tamilistik

WS 2014/15   Tamil I

SS 2014        Die dravidische Bewegung: eine sozialpolitische Reformbewegung in Tamilnadu

SS 2014        Konstruktionen kollektiver Identitäten in Südasien

SS 2014        Tamil II


Courses taught at the Centre for Religous Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum

SS 2015        Sanskrit I

WS 2013/14   Sanskrit II

SS 2013        Sanskrit I

SS 2013        Konstruktionen kollektiver Identität in Indien und Sri Lanka

WS 2012/13   Tamil-Tutorium

WS 2012/13   Sanskrit-Lektüre (Kathāsaritsāgara)

WS 2012/13   Sanskrit II

SS 2012        Sanskrit-Lektüre (Bhagavadgītā)

SS 2012        Sanskrit I

WS 2011/12   Zentrale Texte indischer Religionen

WS 2011/12   Sanskrit II

SS 2011        Sanskrit I

WS 2010/11   Sanskrit-Lektüre (Bhagavadgītā)

WS 2010/11   Sanskrit II

SS 2010        Weisheit von Außenseitern: Die narrativen Strategien der Upaniṣads

WS 2009/10    Vom Opferpriester zum Asketen: Normen- und Paradigmenwechsel im alten Indien



Associate Lecturer of Center for Religious Studies and CERES Teaching

Former Projects and Affiliations

Individual Researcher of Dynamics of the Religious Field in the Context of Early Buddhism

Research Associate of Semantic and Social Network Analysis as a Means to Study Religious Contact (SeNeReKo)